Vertical: Information Technology

Case Studies


A Global Technology company was looking for a partner that could help them
build a team of software developers in LATAM as well as help them recruit USA
talent to work in their Miami headquarters.
Scant Talent:

Lack of qualified software developers in their main headquarters’ locations: Eastern Europe and USA.

Going solo was their first option:

The tech company started their own efforts setting up a hub in Puerto Rico, till they hit a roadblock: there wasn’t enough high qualify talent to be able to scale the team.

Full Control:

Leaders wanted to have full control and own their LATAM operation.


Roca Alliances proposed a Build operate and transfer solution (BOT) which was aligned to what they were looking for in a partner.

Roca found the high-quality talent the client was looking for in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Roca set up a team of IT recruiters with experience recruiting in the USA.


The Global Technology company has a partner now, to help them expand into a market they didn’t know.

We have a team of 5 recruiters with experience hiring in the USA to help them with their headcount shortage in their Miami headquarters. We are currently setting up a team of 100+ software developers from Guatemala.

Our client has the confidence now to scale their operation from Guatemala and eventually owning their LATAM operation withing 2 years.