Content Syndication

Our Demand Generation services stands out especially

in the field of content syndication

Content Syndication

Roca Alliances stands out particularly in the content syndication field. This involves creating relevant content based on the needs of our clients and then using our proprietary business prospecting process combined with cutting-edge digital efforts to reach the target persona of those clients.

First Party Data

The first step in our process is the collection of first-party data. This data is collected through daily telemarketing interactions and is used to drive our content syndication efforts. We make 176,880 calls per month, which produces over 2 million relevant updates of customer data. This data is then used to create more targeted and relevant content, which can increase the chances of engagement and conversion.

Content Creation

Once we have collected the first-party data, we then move on to the second step, which is content creation. We create relevant content based on the needs of our clients and their target persona. We use the data collected to understand the interests and pain points of the target persona and tailor our content and prospecting scripts accordingly


The third step in our process is strategy. While using an omni-channel approach, Roca Alliances uses various platforms and channels to reach the target persona, such as social media, email, content management systems just to name a few. This battle-tested approach has been proven to be effective in reaching the target audience in multiple ways and skyrocketing engagement.

Delivering Results

Finally, we move on to the fourth step, which is results. Roca Alliances uses conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to boost conversions and improve the effectiveness of the overarching marketing efforts. This can include industry-wide adopted best practices like A/B testing, split testing, and using analytics to track the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.

In summary, Roca Alliances content syndication service is a comprehensive approach to lead generation and conversion optimization

We use first-party data, content creation, telemarketing and digital marketing strategies, and conversion rate optimization to reach the target persona and generate leads. With our data-driven approach and years of experience, we are able to provide customized solutions that align with our clients’ target culture and values.


It’s time to MAXIMIZE Success with Syndication

We use tailored content and advanced digital strategies to reach your target audience effectively, driving growth and engagement.