Cross Border Solutions

Our recipe for success lies in our ability to match

the company’s DNA and the talents of the cross-border team 

Cross-Border Solutions

Our recipe for success lies in our ability to match our client’s talent acquisition needs together with organizational culture and standard operating procedures so that the organizational DNA cohesively falls in line with the cross-border team’s mission.

Our first step is to analyze client’s talent needs, headcount required. From there through Roca Analyzer, we analyze from each Latin American country their language capabilities, scalability, tax incentives, local labor laws and costs to define the right countries to set up your cross-border solution through our products: BOT, Cross-Boder teams or Recruitment

Cross-Border Teams

Unlocking Global Talent for Your Business Success

Whether it’s increasing sales revenue, optimizing operations, or improving service quality, our teams are ready to deliver.


At Roca Alliances, we understand the importance of teamwork and diversity in achieving business goals. Our Cross-Border Teams are composed of multidisciplinary professionals strategically located across various Latin American countries.

From Business Development Representatives (BDRs) and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to Quality Assurance (QA) analysts, software developers, data analysts, marketing specialists, and beyond, we provide a comprehensive solution to all our clients’ needs.


Imagine a team where talent knows no boundaries. That’s precisely what our cross-border teams are all about. Our cross-border teams operate like well-oiled machines thanks to advanced communication tools and seamless collaboration platforms.

With a focus on clear communication, transparent processes, and continuous improvement, we ensure that our cross-border teams deliver nothing short of excellence at every step.

  1. We Asses Our Client’s Needs
  2. Begin our Talent Selection Process
  3. Begin OnBoarding

Whether you want to expand your talent pool, increase efficiency, or tackle new challenges head-on, we’re here to make it happen.

Value Proposition

At Roca, we understand that diversity creates innovation, and by bringing together Latin American professionals, we enable you to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.


  • Diverse Talent Pool
  • Strategic Global Presence
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Unified Approach
  • Commitment to Excellence

BOT Solution (Build–operate–transfer)

With our expertise, we build your dedicated team and operate it seamlessly, ensuring sustainable growth.

Streamline Your Operations

Enhance Efficiency

Sustainable Growth


Empowering Your Global Expansion Efforts


We assemble a dedicated team of skilled professionals based on your goals and needs.


Our experienced team manages and operates your dedicated team efficiently and seamlessly. We handle day-to-day operations, ensuring productivity, quality, and adherence to your business processes and standards.


Once your team is fully operational and your business objectives are met, we ensure a smooth team transfer to your company.

Value Proposition

Access an end-to-end solution that allows your business to establish and manage dedicated teams easily.

What We Do


We leverage our extensive network and experience to recruit top-tier talent that aligns with your needs and business goals.


Our streamlined hiring processes ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for your dedicated team members, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


We handle all payroll-related tasks, including compliance with local regulations and ensuring timely and accurate payments for your team members.

Local Management

 Our dedicated local management team provides ongoing support and supervision, ensuring smooth operations and effective communication between your company and the dedicated team.


We provide the necessary infrastructure and support systems for your dedicated team to thrive.

Let´s EMPOWER your growth together

Implement effective channel enablement to boost revenue, elevate partner performance, and delight customers.