Vertical: B2B Marketing

Case Studies


B2B account-based marketing global company needed to expand their operations into the LATAM market.

Expanding operations in another region requires:

Lack Of Local Expertise:

The Marketing firm didn’t know the culture, nor the region and therefore needed to find the right partner to grow and expand their operation in Latin America.

Corporate Culture Adaptability:

The Marketing firm needed a fast-paced vendor that could adapt to their processes and culture.

Multi-cultural operations:

Choosing the right partner that could perform in three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.


In less than five years, Roca expanded the agency’s operation in Nicaragua and
Brazil to support their fortune 500 clients.

Roca Alliances set up Cross-Border teams in Nicaragua and Brazil. From Nicaragua it served the USA and Spanish speaking countries and from Brazil Portuguese

Roca Alliances have tight-knit relationships with governmental investment promotion agencies around Latin America which helped the marketing firm make the decision that Roca was the best partner to expand the operation into LATAM.

Successful implementation in both countries demonstrated Roca’s ability to scale its operation quickly and after building their demand generations teams they started hiring IT professionals, Quality controllers, Data Analysts, Reporting services among other positions that supported their USA operations


Roca expanded from scratch a 200-employee operation consisting of a variety of profiles and resources such as: account managers, brand managers, program managers, marketing managers, quality managers, data analysts, data scientists,

IT staff to support their global operations in USA and EMEA, a business intelligence team to enhance their global data, database administrators and financial controllers.

Our partnership currently represents $6M in revenue to our client.